Monday, August 8, 2016

Idol Lash - Eyelash Enhancer Serum

Harmful if eyelash? How to minimize the negative effects of the procedure? And if they are, in principle? And it is important to consider when planning to make eyes irresistible is Idol Lash Reviews? Let's speak about the details of the correction of natural lashes in detail . In fact, the extended eyelashes - it is beautiful, and practical: no need to spend money on ink, wash it every night, worrying that while swimming or in the rain paint flow. However, not all of this procedure is right. There are a number of contraindications.

Refrain from eyelash extension is for those who are allergic to the glue (it is usually done on the basis of resin). Although beauticians and ensure that the adhesive agent is absolutely harmless to the eyes, check yourself for the reaction may be asking you to master stick two or three lashes and walk with them daily. If eyelids survive the procedure is painless, you can safely go to the salon.

Lashes can be worn by an average of 2-3 months. Provided that once every 2-3 weeks you will make the correction. Currently, there are two kinds of capacity - the traditional (beams) and Japanese technology (this is when you master tag on one cilium). The second type of building more practical - "alien" lashes hold up to 3.5 months. The materials used to build both artificial and natural (for example, mink hair or silk). From better refrain artificial materials - they contain nylon fibers and cause allergic reactions.

Extension procedure consists in the fact that the base of your eyelashes using an adhesive resin are attached artificial cilia. They are of three types - short (8 mm), medium (10 mm) and long (12 mm). It is better to choose a medium length, it looks more natural. Idol Lash also is of two types - black and colorless. Colorless masks places adhesions, and black looks like eyeliner. Basic differences are no more, so that you choose.

Many are concerned about the issue - and it is harmless eyelash. And if we do not hurt yourself in the future. This question has no answer exhaustive. All too individually.

In any beauty salon you will be assured in complete safety of this procedure. Yet ask the masters certificate for those materials that he uses in the work. Plus plays a significant role the salon's reputation. In no case do not recommend building up in the private home beauticians. If then (God forbid) have a problem, make a complaint, you will be none.

Medical contraindications to the use of false eyelashes for those who wear contact lenses, do not. BUT! Together they co-exist peacefully, although not for long. Accrued eyelashes can not stand when you put on and take off the lens. They fall.

It is impossible to wet lashes for 2-3 hours after the build-up. The resin should be how to grab. Do not rub your eyes. Touch the eyelids should be gently and only twice a day - morning and evening when washing. Do not use waterproof mascara. Because such ink remover to contain oil, but after its application the lashes Will fly like autumn leaves.

Commercials promise us insanely long, lush lashes and recycled. But i do not want to turn their eyes to the work of art with the help of mascara and have a natural, beautiful lashes. Therefore, capacity - the best friend of every girl, is not subject to the advertising of cosmetic products like Idol Lash. Lashes after the building make the color of your eyes brighter, and the eyes - more expressive.

Eyelash is exactly the same as the hair extensions. It grounds your eyelashes with a special compound glued artificial. Content with new lashes you can 3-4 weeks. Then you need to make a correction.